Replacement of Japanese sliding door (Shoji), Fusuma and Other
Replacement of Japanese sliding door (Shoji)

Peeling off the old faded shoji paper and removing paste again and again, and we stick new shoji paper. New shoji paper lets shine light through so that your room will be more delight.

■ Special thickness paper(common product)/ small size from 1,000 yen〜
■ Strong paper(popular product and hard to break)/ small size from 1,500 yen〜

Replacement of Fusuma

The procedure of replacing fusuma is to remove the flame and to peel off an old fusuma paper. Then preprocessing to fusuma flame and to stick a new fusuma paper. We propose not only Japanese traditional fusuma patterns, but also the patterns which suites weastern room.

■ For houses from 4,800 yen per 1 fusuma
■ For apartment from 2,500 yen per 1fusuma

Other Renovations

Curtain, Cross replacement, Floor construction, Wooden flooring construction, Termite repelling. Please contact us from inquiry.