Company profile

“I wish I had tatami room!”
Tatami, rooted deeply in Japanese traditional life style.
Tatami is eco-friendly and gentle to human.”Feel relived!”.
We provide Japanese comfortable spaces with no other quality and price.
Thank you for your continued patronage.

Management principle
1. We create peaceful space and provide shininess to our customer’s life through tatami.
2. We bring up Japanese heart and contribute our regional development with tatami.
3.We always treat people with an honest heart and develop our future together.
Company overview
Company name Yugen gaisha Tadami Kogyosho
Address 〒989-5501
54 Wakayanagi Kawakita katamati Kurihara-city Miyagi pref. Japan
TEL +81-228-32-3356
FAX +81-228-32-6870
CEO Naomi Tadami(8th generation)
Established in 1836
Establishment In Wakayanagi-town running tatami supplier from generation to generation in Wakayanagi-town. In 1976 established “Yugen gaisha Tadami Kogyosho” and up to today.
Job description Curtain, Roller blind, Rolling screen, Cross replacement, Floor construction, Wooden flooring construction, Replacement of fusuma and Japanese sliding door, Mini-sized tatami mat selling
Facility Kyokuto computerized automated tatami machine
Dairy output 30-40 mat per day