Functions of Tatami
Tatami has been always
center of Japanese housing.
color of rush
Each blade of rush have shiny, lush color. Even it turned to be discolored, the color is changed to deep amber year bt year. To keep its color, the key is how to cultivate and how to process.
aroma of rush
Scent ingredients of rush is similar to woodland’s one, so it has seemed to be sedative effect to humans. Staying on tatami mats may be as if you received aroma effects.
Heat insulation

Cross section of rush is soonge-like. And straw used for tatami core is just a straw(like a tube). Both has elasticity and can contains much air. Air is difficult to transfer the heat. In hot summer day, tatami containing much air cut off heat. In cold winter day, tatami mats cut off outer cold air.

Air purification

Our life is surrounded many toxic substances like Nitrogen oxide or volatile orgonics discharged from tobacco, automobiles and factories. It has been discovered that rush has the nature of air purification. Rush absorbs carbon dioxide and formaldehyde, and purify the air. In other words, rush has the function like natural air cleaner.

Antibacterial activity of tatami mat

It has been discovered that rush has antibacterial properties against pathogens that cause food poisoning. Now rush is being studied for its application to food and medicine.

Adjust of humidity

Modern house are well insulated compared to the past. So, houses have problem about humidity. Humidity can’t go outside. Rush absorbs humidity when air is moist , and when it’s dry they release humidity. In that reason, rush is good for human to keep air condition well through whole season.

Elasticity / sound absorbency / soundproof of tatami

Tatami surface is made of rush grasses and tatami core is compression of straw. Tissues of rush and straw contain a lot of air layers, so that tatami mat has sound absorbency. Sound of walking on the tatami mat will be absorbed to tatami. Those functions of tatami mats make us comfortable and relaxed.