Our thought for tatami

From the era when there is no family name, we call ourselves “Tadamiya” because we make Tatami.
Japanese “ya”(Kanji is 屋)means their occupation. So Tadamiya is the house or person who make Tatami.
Tadamiya, becoming our livelihood to their family name, has continued 183 years, 8th generations until now.
But recently situation has changed. Westarization of houses have made Washitsu less and less.
So, even Japanese, we seldom lie ourselves down tatami mats.
Tadami, our company decided to propose lifestyle fit to nowadays with tatami. Because we are Japanese.
We have been committed to domestic rush, and evolved our tatami mats trying to fit our customers.
We have cherished our traditional tatami culture and been trying to open up our tatami culture.
All our staff will give you a new life style with tatami.
Why don’t you live with tatami? Spice up your life with tatami.

Let’s live with tatami.