– renewal of tatami surface –

OMOTE-GAE is to renew tatami surface and borders.
It’s cheaper to replace tatami completely.

It’s better to refresh your tatami when

1. Tatami surface is damaged and splinter.
2. A color of tatami surface changes to dark-brown, you can easily find spots on tatami mat.
3. Stitches of tatami is loosen and is dented.

  • OMOTE-GAE (renewal of tatami surface)

    OMOTE-GAE is to renew tatami surface.
    URA GAESHI is to turn tatami surface over and remake a tatami.
    In both way, we reuse tatami core and renew edge of tatami.


    After 3-5years, tatami surface will be scratched or tanned by sunlight.
    URA-GAE is the way to turn tatami surface over.
    Both side of tatami surface can be used, so your tatami will be refreshed by craftsman for turning over.


    SIN-TATAMI is replacing to whole new tatami mat.
    Processing cost will be charged when we dispose old tatami mat.

When should I ask for OMOTE-GAE/ URA-GAE / renewal of tatami?

It’s frequently asked question.
It depends on how long tatami mat is used, but the condition is also depending on the customers.
Best way is to ask for tatami craftsman to check your tatami.
In our company craftsman will visit your house and check carefully.
And we can take over tatami mat on that day after estimation.
Please feel free to contact us.